About the artist

About the artist

By Liselotte Blom, Art Historian:

Henriette Lorentz graduated from Aarhus Art Academy in 1974 under Per Kramer. She carried out further design training from Margretheskolen in Copenhagen in 1977.

From 1977 to -82 Henriette Lorentz ran her own design company and production of children's clothing. From 1982 until -93 she worked as a freelance designer in Denmark and throughout Europe with tasks such as drawings and prints, colours and composition, and various design projects.

From 1993 to 2005 the artist had a retail store with womenswear in Copenhagen - exclusively her own designs.

In the early 2000's Henriette Lorentz resumes her focus on painting. In 2006 she ends her business engagements, and concentrates 100% on painting.

Her pictoral universe is often populated by personified animals with subtle glances. Some motifs are reminiscent of the theater world with actors in fanciful costumes. Humor is an important part of the artist's statement.

The artist works with crisp color tones, carefully selected, glowing intensely. The images consist of up to 20 layers of acrylic paint. The colors are mixed directly on canvas. In recent years, the canvas is combined with thin sheets of paper. Paper and the many layers of paint give the images a distinct texture. Sadly, Henriette Lorentz can no longer work with oil based paints, although she prefers to, since oil adds a significant depth. Through the many layers and her diligent technique she achieves the desired texture and depth regardless.

Preben Winther from the paper "Kunstavisen" wrote in May 2010:

Stylistically, she is at the crossroads of fantasy, fable and undogmatic surrealism.

Motifwise, she interprets the woman, bird and fable. Her tone and treatment of the coloristic combines images with a distinctive, personal nerve.



Henriette Lorentz - Grønnegade 1 - 5900 Rudkøbing - Tlf.: 30 22 81 75 - info@henriettelorentz.dk






Se billederne fra Henriette Lorentz nye atelier og galleri, Grønnegade 1, Rudkøbing.